Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I can go as I please.
I can run as I may.
Yet, in the end,
You always win.
For Your love is a flame.
It's a fire that burns.
It consumes the deepest part of me.
You know my frame.
You know my name.
You see my weakness.
Yet, You call me lovely.
You want everything I have.
You want everything I am.
I may hide.
I may leave.
Yet, You stay.
You remain.
You are not swayed.
There is no one like You.

I was awakened the other night to a meteor shower. My eyes opened at 3:30 a.m. which is a quite unusual moment of the night to awaken for me. As I was scrolling through the internet trying to keep myself entertained, I discovered that there was a meteor shower from 12:00 a.m. till 5:00 a.m. By the time I actually discovered this information, it was already 4:30 a.m.

I quickly opened up the blinds to see a glimpse of these stars. It was strange because the moment I opened the window, I saw a shooting star! I began to hear the song, "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true." I began to think about my dreams and the dreams of these girls in this wonderful home of Laurel Lane. I ended up seeing four shooting stars before my eyes grew heavy and ready to close again.

I really felt that those four shooting stars represented to me the dreams of mine and three of my best friends. I couldn't help but lay my head back down on my pillow and wonder: "What is to become of us God?" This mass exodus we all sense is coming seems closer these days more than ever. No one knows what it will look like or when it will be. We get prophetic words and ponder them in our hearts, but no one really knows what will happen.

These seasons come and go. The days change and the waiting seems like it's almost over. By the use of this word "waiting," I mean the fulfillment of our deepest dreams, the breakthrough. The dreams we have longed for and we know are so close.

Yet, through all of this waiting, God has forged something in the four of us that can never be taken away. We have discovered a redeemed version of family. We have seen a true love that can grow more and more. It has been revealed to us that we can truly go from glory to glory. Things can actually get better!

Who knew that all these years, we would be here in this house full of joys and sweet memories? We seem to cherish the times of fellowship more and more as the days go by. I am amazed that though I have tried to run and hide, the Lord has remained faithful to bring in my life exactly what I have needed: family.

He places the lonely in families and gives them a home. This is a promise that God gives to His children. We are a part of a family and this is why He made us! He wanted relationship. In relationship that is day in and day out, we truly learn about ourselves and the real love of the Father that changes us to the core. I am thankful.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

He Never Leaves

Life is full of surprises. It's full of relationships, special moments, amazing memories, sadness, excitement, and fun. Today, I couldn't help but think about all of the relationships in my life and how much they have meant to me. One of my questions to God is: "Why do the seasons change?" Sometimes, I wish some seasons would stay and never change.

Yet, in the cycle of life and time on this Earth, they must. I wish some people could stay right where they are and never leave. I wish I could freeze certain memories in time only to discover that all I have is a picture to suffice. The thing I do know is God is always moving us in directions that will take us on adventures and journeys we never could have imagined.

In the midst of all of the destinations He is guiding us to and leading us through, He never changes. He never gives up on us. He is never ending. He stays the same. Within the human heart we all long for something that will stay and never change. We may have even found ourselves trying to run from this steady love because we don't feel comfortable with consistency, yet He stays.

He shows us about unfailing love. He gives us a love that never fades away with time or changes because of circumstances. He never changes His mind nor is He swayed as He sets His affections towards us. He is not swayed by our doubt or unbelief but He stays the course.

This is powerful to me because all I knew of love was that it changes. It goes away or leaves. I have even heard the words, "I just don't love you anymore." I don't say this for you to feel sorry for me, but I say this to show the power of our God. I say this to show you the difference in a human love that is imperfect to an Agape love from the One who never stops loving. I have come to discover that what I have ever known was not really love at all, but a facade of something that appeared to be so.

Seasons on this Earth come and go. Seasons on this Earth change but the One Lover of our souls chases us down in a way we have never experienced. He never leaves. He never forsakes. He gives us what only He can give.

No other can love as He does and the crazy mystery of all of this is that He is revolutionizing the world with this love through us! He is perfecting His love in us so that we will learn to love as He does. He is giving us eyes to see as He sees.

So take heart friends if you're in a time of transition or you feel that a season is shifting and the winds of change are blowing. Let them blow as they may because there is One who is with you forever.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Come Break The Chains...

"Come break the chains, the chains that hinder love.
All that remains of yester years.

Let Your fire burn, consuming me.
Let Your jealous flame come take away everything.
Let Your fire burn, consuming me.
Let Your jealous flame come take away everything.

Write Your Word upon my heart,
Till all that remains is the Light of Your countenance.
And I will be satisfied when I awaken as a lover of You."

-Misty Edwards (Come Break The Chains)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Just Me...

Here I find myself with no words to say.
For the more I see You, the more I see I do not know You.
For how vast are Your seas and how deep are Your wells.
You say, "Just be."
Yet, I strive with all my might to be what You want me to be.
You say, "Just be and that's okay with Me."
Yet, I strive with all my might to get all the answers right.
You say, "Just be and soon you will see that if you just be it's okay with Me."
Therefore, I give up.
I let go.
I give in.
In all my mess,
In all my failures,
In all my strengths.
Here I am.
Here I come.
Here I stand.
No words to say, no right answers to give.
It's just me and that's okay with You.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Will Return...

"I have been hedged in by thorns on every side.
I have been burned by Your jealous flame.
I've been tested by Your fire.
I've chased my other lovers and I've been turned away,
But as I ache with desire, I will stand and say:

I will return to my first Love.
I will return to the One who loves me.
I will return to my True love.
I will return to the One who loves me.

I have been wounded by Your perfect love.
I have been slain in the desert place.
I've been pursued and overcome.
I've chased my other lovers and I've been turned away,
But as I ache with desire, I will stand and say:

I will return."

-Misty Edwards from the song, "I Will Return"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beauty In The Wilderness...

Sufferings, trials, and testings. Sometimes, life is just hard. Some seasons require you to ask the Lord for extra strength to walk through. This is what makes this life a journey. This is what makes healing a process. Yet, Paul says, "Count it all joy" for the sake of knowing Christ and sharing with Him in His sufferings.

There is something about suffering that brings us closer to Him. Intimacy can be forged in every season, but even in suffering, a beautiful story can be formed. He is the Author and He is the most amazing Story Teller. He can create the most incredible stories we could never have imagined even if we tried.

Often times, we see a journey of suffering and waiting to be healed as disdainful. It's hard for us to look upon it for what it is. Yet, God sees it as something beautiful. This journey, no matter what it looks like to us, captivates His heart. Therefore, we should ask for His perspective.

When I was in Israel, I saw many mountains, gardens, terrains, and cities, but one place that struck me the most, was the desert. It was the wilderness where Moses led his people that I discovered a beauty. I discovered life in that place. It surprised me because I didn't think life could grow in a barren land. Yet, some of the most beautiful flowers and plants rested in that place.

You would be walking and, all of a sudden, the most beautiful springs of water would lay before you. You would see an animal drinking from the streams like the deer panted for water. In some places, it seemed desolate, but then you would see the most fertile places in the midst of what we would call a desert. It was the most intriguing discovery to me. There is a beauty which can only be found in the wilderness. There is life there.

This discovery led me to think about my own season of this wilderness where I remain as of now. I thought I was out until recently. I was quite distraught about it until I went there myself and found out that Jesus loved the wilderness. He cherished it. John the Baptist lived and thrived in the wilderness.

Amazing things can happen in one's heart in the wilderness. You can see God in a way you never could if you were on the mountain top. You can experience an intimacy that doesn't make sense in any other place.

This beauty can only be found in that place. Therefore, I will remain here until the Lord leads me out. However, when I do come out, I will be found leaning on One who has my heart. I will be found leaning on the One who has been with me till now and will be with me till the end. It is Jesus I want. It is Jesus I long for and I will wait upon Him until He comes.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Birthday Celebration In Jerusalem...

Words cannot begin to express how amazing it feels to be hearing Hebrew in the background of a cafe in one of the first Christian churches of Jerusalem. Across the street from me is the Tower of King David. Today is the Sabbath, and this is the ancient city. 

This is the HOLY city. This is where Jesus walked. These are the people He loved so deeply. I am truly grateful for this incredible opportunity. 

They gave us the room 31, today I turn 31, and last night during the Shabbat meal, they read from Proverbs 31. The Lord told me that it was a significant chapter for me this year before we even came on this trip. 

As they read the scriptures, my eyes began to fill up with tears being overwhelmed at God's goodness. He spoke and I heard Him. He was right. He is teaching me how to be a wife of the King of all Kings. He is my Husband. His promises stand firm forever and He is faithful. I don't know what else to say. I am here and it is a dream come true.

Israel, in a very strange way almost feels like home. I know that I will travel to many places, but I definitely feel that I will return to this place again someday. It sounds crazy saying things like that for Israel is a once in a lifetime trip. However, I feel it's just the beginning of many more visits to come. 

It isn't what I expected as it appears much differently than it once was. Yet, I feel the Lord in this place so strongly. Our times as a team have been incredible with amazing songs of praise being lifted up! From the mountain tops of the desert, to the hotel rooms of Tel Aviv, God has been praised through our songs. Others have even joined us as we have met together. 

We have encountered the Holy Spirit in this Holy Land and it has been spectacular. We have prophesied over this place that Jerusalem will once again be gathered and will once again draw near to Yeshua.

I wish there was more time to truly experience the culture and the people here. Yet, I do believe someday that will happen. This tour is only a taste of this amazing land. God is good. Praise be to Yeshua.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Keeper of My Heart...

When grief has filled my heart,
When this journey looks dim,
When I cannot find the path,
When I cannot see ahead of me, You come.

You draw near to me.
While my face is to the floor,
You come and lift my head.
You open my eyes to see Your face.

When I behold your eyes upon me,
I am moved and can see the truth.
I look back and see the lies I once believed.
I begin to feel a sense of hope again.

You are not one who will change.
You are not one who will abandon.
You are not one who will relent.
You are not ashamed of my weakness.

You are the one who keeps His promise.
You are the faithful friend who never forsakes.
You are closer than a brother.
You are the keeper of my heart.

You will not let me go.
You will fight for me.
You will believe in me.
You will stay with me forever.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here With Me Now

"Just knowing You're here with me now. It changes everything. Just knowing You're here with me now. It changes everything Lord."

"I thought that I had to make it on my own, but You stopped that and claimed me as Your own. You called me Yours."

"So don't give up on me now. I need You strong when I'm weak. Hold on and believe in me when my heart just can't figure out what it wants. Please give me a reason to trust You'll still fight for me."

"Just don't give up on me now cause I'm scared and I need You strong when I'm weak. Hold on and believe in me when my heart just can't figure out what it wants. Please give me a reason to trust You'll still fight for me." 

-Laura Hackett "Here With Me Now"

It's Just Around The River Bend...

Trials and circumstances can sometimes seem overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like you will never overcome them and then the morning comes. The sun rises again and shines it's beautiful light through your window. These hard times can seem as if you are moving down a river looking for your destination.

It seems as if your boat cannot move fast enough or you cannot seem to move your oars hard enough through the water. It seems as if you've been searching for this destination forever.

You've almost lost your strength and you feel as if you cannot lift your arms anymore. Yet, just as you thought you couldn't go one more inch, you see a glimpse of land. You see your resting place at a distance. You see your home. Suddenly, it's the breakthrough right before you.

You've been asking for it. You have pressed in for it. You have tried with all your might to believe. Now it stands right before you. It was just around the river bend. You didn't know it until you saw it but the day has finally arrived. It is here. Your victory has come.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Journey Of A Lifetime...

Romans 8: 19
"Creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed."

This is my call and this is my journey. My portion is Your inheritance and all that is Yours belongs to me. You are my Father and I will be found Your daughter forever.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Make Room...

Make room for the King.
Pave the way for His coming.
Silence the other voices.
Tear down these idols.
Do what you have to do.
Have the courage to stand.
Make the bold declaration,
For He alone reigns.
No other voice shall be heard,
For He roars like a lion through the land.
He is fully God and fully man.
Who can compare to His greatness?
There will be none to defeat Him.
Not one will take His place.
He shall last through the ages never to depart.
He will remain when all have faded away.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I long for the more of You God and I will go the way You desire. I will take the simple way of life to find You. Just show me the way and give me the courage to go. I love You Lord and I long to hear Your voice.

My Salvation...

I am trying to cross these hills. I am trying to reach the top. Sometimes, I wonder if there will ever be a reprieve. Yet, I look to the hills because someone once told me that it is where my Salvation comes from. Someone once said that my Salvation would come riding upon those hills and in an instant would reveal Himself.

I once heard that He would come back for what belongs to Him. He would not relent for His love was a jealous flame that could not be quenched. I heard that His eyes of fire would consume me with His love and I would be rescued. They said I would be found in Him and I would be perfected in His love. Now, as I climb these hills, His joy is becoming my strength. My vision is His Presence.

At times, I have needed to rest. I have needed to breathe and sit down awhile. I have, at times, tried to give up because my strength was no more. I even tried to turn around and go back to where I came from. Yet, now on this journey with You God, what other options have I but to be where You are? I have looked back, but You have turned my head towards the goal. You see the end in sight. You see this greater picture and I see a glimpse.

Therefore, I choose to believe You. I choose to trust in Your hand that is holding onto me and not letting me go. This journey with You is for eternity but these momentary trials are only temporary. History is being made of this love You have for me and my faith in You. These tears are filling up your bottle and will overflow as a beautiful river washing away all the pain.

I will choose to draw near to You. I will choose to stay here with You. I will dance again. I will sing again and I will sit at Your feet and find the rest I've been waiting for my whole life. You are the One I want. You are the One I need. You are my Salvation.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Strength

"You are the strength of my heart. You are the strength of my heart and my Portion forever and ever."

These Beautiful Ashes...

"For today will bring tomorrow and the once familiar sorrow will turn and testify to yesterday." -Andrew Ehrenzeller from "Your Beauty Is What Remains."

I cannot begin to tell you how much these words penetrate straight to my heart in this season.  I so long to leave the past behind and move on. I long to forget about the hurts and the wounds and put them aside as if they never happened.

Yes, the Lord restores. Yes, He redeems, but there is somehow beauty in my struggle and there is somehow beauty in that pain I suffered. Jesus finds it captivating in His sight. This is a marvelous mystery. He can turn them into beauty and He receives glory to the utmost because of how He turns it all around.

Why is it that we get healed of wounds only to find ourselves in the same place again? I have been thinking about this lately. Perhaps, He is going even deeper still.  He is reaching further into the levels that we couldn't go in another season.

He knows how much we can handle and if He dealt with all of our pain, we would die. In His mercy, He takes His time with us. He is patient with our hearts. I am amazed at His goodness and gentleness to do this with the ones He loves.

Holy Spirit come and touch every place of my heart. Come and make the wrong things right. Come and turn these tears of brokenness into tears of joy. For You make all things beautiful.

New Mercies...

His mercies are new every morning. Though yesterday seemed to crumble right before you, it is now said and done. Today, He pours His new mercies over you and your heart like a beautiful water fall. It refreshes your soul and gives you hope to continue on with this new day. Behold, He makes it all new.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Love...

What is this love?
Who is this Lover of my soul?
Who is this One who seeks after my heart?
Why do You long for me?

Increase my capacity to receive Your love.
Show me how to have courage.
Show me how to see as You see.
For Your ways are good.
Your ways are pure.

Only You satisfy.
You will woo me until I can rest.
You will guide me into truth.
You will lead me into Your peace.
You will not let me go.

Your love stays constant.
You never change.
You relentlessly pursue.
You are unashamed of my doubt and unbelief.
You stay the course until I can finally see.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hiding Place...

"Every time I lose it, I lose it my way, but You're the one that helps me find it. I find it Your way." This quote is from Dave Fitzerald's new album called Hope of Heaven. This one part is sung by Chris McClarney, and it penetrates right to my heart. This song has been on repeat in my head over the past few days and God is speaking to me through these words as I repeat them over and over.

The song is called "Good." The truth is He is the one that leads me to find "it" His way when I have lost it going my way. You see, over the past few weeks I have been through another battle and almost at the end of this multiple year struggle. That is, the battle for my identity as a daughter.

As I sit here today in my office not knowing what to do and feeling so uncomfortable to not be doing anything regarding ministry tonight, it's a strange feeling. "You have the night off from singing," Justin told me on Wednesday, a day that I am quite familiar with practicing for the week end, week out Friday night service with our Church. I have been doing this for about 7 years now. Yet, every time I find myself getting a "break," I don't know what to do. Sometimes, I have felt somewhat useless.

Can I be content with being a daughter and be okay with that? What if I never sang ever again? What if I never traveled to another country again? Would I be okay?

Another  question that was asked of me this week from one of my leaders was, "Why are you truly here?" I know the correct answer in my head. Yet, sometimes my heart doesn't get it. The answer: "God has me here. He has called me to this city and He has a purpose and a plan for my life here." However, my heart, at times, has felt other things. It has sometimes forgotten why I am here. It has sometimes forgotten the vision of why God brought me here in the first place.

It has been a 7 year long up and down roller coaster. At times, I have felt the wilderness like no other time in my life. I have even felt like God has forgotten about me. I have felt like He brought me here just to leave me behind.

Yet, looking back on all of it now, I see that it was Him who was here. He's been here the whole time. He never left me. In fact, within all of these woundings in ministry and all of these disillusionments, I have seen His goodness like none other time.

I have seen His faithfulness even in the pain. There have been wrong choices and bad mistakes that have left me on my face and on my knees, but I'm still alive. I survived. I am still breathing. I overcame and I'm still here!

He has been here. He, in fact, has saved me from myself. He has saved me from the "could've beens" and I am thankful. One day, I will understand all of this even more and I will see exactly why He has done what He did. I can't wait until that day, but until then I want to choose to trust Him.

So here I sit, longing at times to rest and not be seen at all. Here I sit, with a desire at times to be hidden away and go unnoticed so that I can finally be the observer instead of being seen by everyone else.

Here I sit, with God giving me a gift of just resting and being a daughter. He's pleased with me in this place! I don't have to earn His favor or the favor of men because of my works or giftings! I can be free to be me.  So here I sit, in the hiding place. I will find it Your way Father.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Clean Slate And A Fresh Start...

What is it when you get in these places in life where you don't really feel that much? Yet, at the same time, you know something big is happening all around you. The past few days have been so crazy, I haven't had time to process them really. Part of me has been avoiding the "process" part of it. I get tired of thinking sometimes, don't you?

Sometimes we can think ourselves away into misery. Must we analyze everything? I think there is a way we can just be at peace knowing He has it all under control. Not that I have reached that level perfectly yet, but I want to believe that He is working all of these things out for our good.

Recently, I have been faced with the doors being shut on all my past mistakes. I was faced with a choice of shutting the doors or leaving them open only to prolong this process. Those doors regarded relationships and other issues the Lord was highlighting in my heart. They were painful to revisit and painful to shut but, never the less, they were closed.

As I sit here listening to Priscilla Ahn's "Dream," I am reminded that there are dreams in my heart that I have never shared with anyone because I never truly believed they were possible.

Now that all of these doors are closed and I am off to a new start, I almost feel like there are not only dreams I have held onto for so long that are coming, but I feel like new dreams are on the way. I feel like there are dreams coming that I have never even thought of before.

This is quite the strangest feeling, but I feel now that the doors are truly closed, I don't even want to go back to them anymore. For the first time in my life I feel like there is truly a blank, clean slate and a whole new page of life to start. It's kind of scary and exciting all at the same time.

I feel like it took a lot of courage to get to this place too and I feel the love of the Father looking at me with a sense of pride and joy. For the first time, I actually feel His smile over my life and His joy in what He has for me.

Let's let go of the things of the past and truly move on. Let's stop letting things hold us back from what God has for us today. There are many things we won't understand and in this world we will have many troubles, but take heart, for He has overcome them all. Today is going to be a good day and this year of 2010 will top the charts. I believe it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Opposite...

The only thing the enemy can do is bring us back to the Lord, which is the way it should be anyway. What is the opposite of what he wants to do in your life? "Instead of lies, have faith!" -Graham Cooke. God sees the opposite of what we see or feel. It's time for us to move forward and move on. We have too much to do and no more time to waste. It's time for us to begin to look up instead of here. It's time for us to love instead of hit back for love always wins. It never fails!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kingdom Protocol...

Protocol: (As in the definition of Webster's Dictionary) "a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence (as in diplomatic exchange and in the military services)." As royalty in the kingdom of Heaven, women, especially should never settle for less than the kingdom protocol.

If there is a breach in that protocol, it should not be a question as to if she should respond with a yes in her heart.  Women deserve to be treated with the utmost respect as is in the kingdom protocol, "a strict adherence to correct etiquette" such as honor with actions, words, deeds, and eyes. Let the women believe they are royalty in God's house! Nothing less will do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Good Reminder...

"We are pressed but not crushed.
Persecuted but not abandoned.
Struck down, but not destroyed.
I am blessed beyond a curse,
For His promise will endure.
And His joy is going to be my strength.
Though the sorrow may last for a night,
Joy comes in the morning!"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti: How You Can Get Involved.

Haitian orphans are coming to South Florida and need temporary homes (maybe even permanent ones). 4 Kids of South Florida is looking for families to be a part of their Safe Family Program.

You do NOT need to be a licensed foster family to do this, for more info go to: and click on What We Do, then click on Safe Families.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti: God's Desire Is For You

My heart is stirred for this nation right now more than ever as I recently discovered about the 7.0 earthquake that devastated one city of Port-au-Prince. I have friends who are going to help with relief work and one who is from Haiti.  Please continue to join me in prayer for this country and for my friends and their families who are there.

I know a lot of people are not happy with Pat Robertson right now for some of his comments he has made, but the truth is that God will do whatever it takes to bring a people unto Himself. Honestly, I don't know if this was caused by God or not.  Yet, I do know this, my friends, God is far beyond us. 

He is also a Holy God.  He is not just a far off Being watching things happen.  No, He is very much involved in every detail.  In my humanity, I do not fully understand His ways, but I know He is good.  Just as it said in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" when Lucy was asking about Aslan being safe, her friend replied: "He isn't safe, but He is good." 

If you study out the history of the country of Haiti, you will find out many dark discoveries about what lies behind this government.  I believe that when we make dark alliances such as they have done, there are reprocussions.  There are reprocussions to every sin we ever commit.

Although sin is viewed as the same in God's eyes, on this earth, some sins have a greater affect in our eyes and can actually influence whole nations.  I encourage you to study the spiritual history of Haiti and perhaps, if you are a Christian, you will be more burdened to pray for these people. Yet, we must see all of this through the lenses that God is good.  He is merciful. His mercy is not like our view of mercy.  He loves the whole world!

Please pray that God's will would be done in this land and for His light to shine forth to literally change hearts and change the infrastructure of an already fragile government.  Please pray for true salvation to spring up from the rubble.  Pray for life and for these dry bones to live again.  Come Lord Jesus. Come.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Honesty Truly Is The Best Policy...

Ya know, I recently got hurt from a friendship and it was hard.  Yet, thinking about it now, atleast I was honest.  Even if the other person is not, you should stand your ground and not be shaken. 

Being hurt hurts! Yet, the best thing you can do is be honest with yourself, others, and choose to not be offended.  You will win in the end. Just remember though, the victory is already yours.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Beautiful Boundary Line...

A beautiful boundary line, You draw around me.
It's my hedge of protection, it's Your love and mercy.

Though it's painful at the time,
In the end, it always brings me life.

So into the wilderness I come.
I will follow You wherever You go.

I will stay hidden in You.
For it's the only way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh the ache within me to go low!
Yet what  joy that awaits on the other side!
Oh the peace within my soul when it is done.
Oh the love He gives me when I come.
So I must go low.

Oh the ache within me to go low!
Yet what life that awaits on the other side!
Oh the communion with the King of all Kings.

Oh the encounter with One who fulfills my dreams.
So I must go low.

Oh Lord, how I long to be like You.
I long to see as You do.
I long to be satisfied,
And to drink from a well that won't run dry.
So I must go low.

The New Wine...

It's a new day, it's a new wine.
It's a new day, it's a new wine.
It's a new day, it's a new wine.

For Your mercies are new every morning.
In Your faithfulness, You make all things new.

So I'm drinking.
I'm drinking, drinking deeper still.
Drinking, drinking, deeper still.
'Cause I know there's more.
I know there's more.

Monday, January 4, 2010


All I want to do is sing You a song.
All I want to do is give You my heart.
All I want to do is rest in Your arms.

Oh there's no greater place.
There's no better plan.

So I'll stay right here.
I'll choose to wait upon You.
I will wait until You come.

A Beautiful Generation...

What a beautiful generation,
A beautiful nation.
I see a beautiful generation,
A beautiful nation.

They're overwhelmed with love for You.
They're overwhelmed with love.
They're overwhelmed with love for You.
They're overwhelmed with love.

Deeper I Come...

You bid me to come.
You bid me to run.
To the deeper waters.
Deeper than I've ever gone before.
You bid me to take a step and take a drink.

You bid me to come.
You bid me to run,
To these deeper waters.
Deeper waters which satisfy.
You bid me to take a step and take a drink.

As I come,
As I come,
As I come,
I see that the shallow waters I once tasted are not enough for me.

I must go deeper.
I must go deeper still.
For only in Your waters will this thirst be quenched.
For only in Your waters will Your joy be released.

You bid me to come.
You bid me to run.

So I take a chance to see what I was created to be.
For I know there's more than I have ever dreamed.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Provoked By One Life of Sacrifice...

All it takes is one life to turn things around.  All it takes is one person to be burning on fire with passion to change a nation. Jesus Christ was one Man who had a burning desire for a people to be one with Him and one with His Father.  He turned it all around.  He invested in 12 men and they changed the world. 

It wasn't 150 men, nor was it 50, just 12 men.  All it takes for something to change is a voice. One voice to say no to injustice, no to sexual immorality, yes to purity, yes to holiness, and yes to His ways.

Today, I had the honor of watching a dear friend's Memorial Service and I had the honor of getting a true glimpse into his life day to day. Though he was an imperfect man, he truly lived a life of sacrifice.

He learned how to receive the love of His true Father and he learned how to give it away.  Not only give it away to those closest to him, but to the hurting, to the needy, to the broken children of the world.  He learned how to be a defender of the voiceless just like Jesus is our Defender in front of the accuser of the brethren. 

He learned how to take the compassion he felt for those in need and do something about it.  He learned how to stand in the gap to ask the Lord to stop the wrong. He learned how to take the promises of God and speak them forth over a dying generation. He discovered who he was and that he had a whole lot of love to give.

Derek Loux lived out Malachi 4:6: "He will turn the hearts of the father to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers."  He was a testimony of a father bringing restoration to the children that they might know what true love is as a true son and daughter.

In the few moments I had with him I learned that he was not only a talented musician, singer, and songwriter, but he had a deep compassion for the ones who had no voice and knew not of the Father's love.  "Anyone can do this. Anyone can answer the call."  Derek said.

He was just a man with a wife and children and not much money, but a huge dream in his heart.  In a short time, the Lord answered his cry. In a short time, the Lord provided an abundance of finances and supernatural wisdom on how to carry this out and his vision was birthed. 

Now Derek is gone from this earth and his voice is with his Maker.  I'm sure he sounds so beautiful singing to Jesus forever in His Presence.  He is in the presence of full joy where there is no more sorrow and no more tears. 

Yet, his legacy continues and it resounds a sound to those who remain here with words asking the questions: "Will you answer the call? Will you respond to these injustices?"  Lou Engle said it best today when he asked, "Who will now step into those shoes? Who is willing?"  As Derek provoked everyone he met with the thoughts of the orphans, he continues to impact our lives profoundly. 

Therefore, this vision will continue on, I believe, because the Church is beginning to awaken with a hunger for more than this life has to offer.  She is no longer satisfied with the status quo of mediocre Christianity.  She longs for Jesus and for Him to make the wrong things right.  She longs to know the things of His heart and to come into agreement with Him. 

Will you answer the call?  Will you respond? Will you be the one to provoke change?  Are you willing to rescue one child at a time?  Jesus, I say yes to your call and all that You would have for me to do. I say yes.  I say, come and have Your way. Come and make the wrong things right.  Return oh Lord as we hasten the day of your coming!

Thank you Derek for leading the way that we could come behind you. God be with the Loux family as they grieve this deep loss.

If you would like to give to the Loux family and continue seeing their vision to rescue more children stay alive, you can give at this link

Friday, January 1, 2010

This Is How You Love...

There's no sense of judgement in Your eyes.
No sense of condemnation in Your voice.
No wagging, shaking finger in my face.
No look of disappointment or disgrace.

You rejoice, You rejoice over me.
You speak life and life abundantly.
You sing and You dance and celebrate my days.
And you say that I'm Your dream and Your desire.

Oh I am starting to believe it.
Oh I am starting to feel it.
I think this could be the beginning of something good.
I think I'm starting to see, that this is how You love.

Oh Israel, How He Longs For You...

Cry out oh Israel.
Cry out because He hears.

For your Redeemer comes from Calvary.
Your Salvation draws near speedily.
You are not forgotten,
Nor are you shamed.

Though you have hardened your heart,
He is not dismayed.
For as the rain clouds glide through the skies,
A glimpse of hope will quickly fill your eyes.

For your Deliverer has come.
He has set your captives free.
You were paid with a price,
So that your sin will no longer be.

Lift up your eyes as He roars through the skies,
With joy in His heart for His redeemed.
As the day He's been longing for finally arrives,
Your joy will be made complete.