Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Salvation...

I am trying to cross these hills. I am trying to reach the top. Sometimes, I wonder if there will ever be a reprieve. Yet, I look to the hills because someone once told me that it is where my Salvation comes from. Someone once said that my Salvation would come riding upon those hills and in an instant would reveal Himself.

I once heard that He would come back for what belongs to Him. He would not relent for His love was a jealous flame that could not be quenched. I heard that His eyes of fire would consume me with His love and I would be rescued. They said I would be found in Him and I would be perfected in His love. Now, as I climb these hills, His joy is becoming my strength. My vision is His Presence.

At times, I have needed to rest. I have needed to breathe and sit down awhile. I have, at times, tried to give up because my strength was no more. I even tried to turn around and go back to where I came from. Yet, now on this journey with You God, what other options have I but to be where You are? I have looked back, but You have turned my head towards the goal. You see the end in sight. You see this greater picture and I see a glimpse.

Therefore, I choose to believe You. I choose to trust in Your hand that is holding onto me and not letting me go. This journey with You is for eternity but these momentary trials are only temporary. History is being made of this love You have for me and my faith in You. These tears are filling up your bottle and will overflow as a beautiful river washing away all the pain.

I will choose to draw near to You. I will choose to stay here with You. I will dance again. I will sing again and I will sit at Your feet and find the rest I've been waiting for my whole life. You are the One I want. You are the One I need. You are my Salvation.

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