Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Just Around The River Bend...

Trials and circumstances can sometimes seem overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like you will never overcome them and then the morning comes. The sun rises again and shines it's beautiful light through your window. These hard times can seem as if you are moving down a river looking for your destination.

It seems as if your boat cannot move fast enough or you cannot seem to move your oars hard enough through the water. It seems as if you've been searching for this destination forever.

You've almost lost your strength and you feel as if you cannot lift your arms anymore. Yet, just as you thought you couldn't go one more inch, you see a glimpse of land. You see your resting place at a distance. You see your home. Suddenly, it's the breakthrough right before you.

You've been asking for it. You have pressed in for it. You have tried with all your might to believe. Now it stands right before you. It was just around the river bend. You didn't know it until you saw it but the day has finally arrived. It is here. Your victory has come.

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