Saturday, January 2, 2010

Provoked By One Life of Sacrifice...

All it takes is one life to turn things around.  All it takes is one person to be burning on fire with passion to change a nation. Jesus Christ was one Man who had a burning desire for a people to be one with Him and one with His Father.  He turned it all around.  He invested in 12 men and they changed the world. 

It wasn't 150 men, nor was it 50, just 12 men.  All it takes for something to change is a voice. One voice to say no to injustice, no to sexual immorality, yes to purity, yes to holiness, and yes to His ways.

Today, I had the honor of watching a dear friend's Memorial Service and I had the honor of getting a true glimpse into his life day to day. Though he was an imperfect man, he truly lived a life of sacrifice.

He learned how to receive the love of His true Father and he learned how to give it away.  Not only give it away to those closest to him, but to the hurting, to the needy, to the broken children of the world.  He learned how to be a defender of the voiceless just like Jesus is our Defender in front of the accuser of the brethren. 

He learned how to take the compassion he felt for those in need and do something about it.  He learned how to stand in the gap to ask the Lord to stop the wrong. He learned how to take the promises of God and speak them forth over a dying generation. He discovered who he was and that he had a whole lot of love to give.

Derek Loux lived out Malachi 4:6: "He will turn the hearts of the father to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers."  He was a testimony of a father bringing restoration to the children that they might know what true love is as a true son and daughter.

In the few moments I had with him I learned that he was not only a talented musician, singer, and songwriter, but he had a deep compassion for the ones who had no voice and knew not of the Father's love.  "Anyone can do this. Anyone can answer the call."  Derek said.

He was just a man with a wife and children and not much money, but a huge dream in his heart.  In a short time, the Lord answered his cry. In a short time, the Lord provided an abundance of finances and supernatural wisdom on how to carry this out and his vision was birthed. 

Now Derek is gone from this earth and his voice is with his Maker.  I'm sure he sounds so beautiful singing to Jesus forever in His Presence.  He is in the presence of full joy where there is no more sorrow and no more tears. 

Yet, his legacy continues and it resounds a sound to those who remain here with words asking the questions: "Will you answer the call? Will you respond to these injustices?"  Lou Engle said it best today when he asked, "Who will now step into those shoes? Who is willing?"  As Derek provoked everyone he met with the thoughts of the orphans, he continues to impact our lives profoundly. 

Therefore, this vision will continue on, I believe, because the Church is beginning to awaken with a hunger for more than this life has to offer.  She is no longer satisfied with the status quo of mediocre Christianity.  She longs for Jesus and for Him to make the wrong things right.  She longs to know the things of His heart and to come into agreement with Him. 

Will you answer the call?  Will you respond? Will you be the one to provoke change?  Are you willing to rescue one child at a time?  Jesus, I say yes to your call and all that You would have for me to do. I say yes.  I say, come and have Your way. Come and make the wrong things right.  Return oh Lord as we hasten the day of your coming!

Thank you Derek for leading the way that we could come behind you. God be with the Loux family as they grieve this deep loss.

If you would like to give to the Loux family and continue seeing their vision to rescue more children stay alive, you can give at this link

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