Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Israel, How He Longs For You...

Cry out oh Israel.
Cry out because He hears.

For your Redeemer comes from Calvary.
Your Salvation draws near speedily.
You are not forgotten,
Nor are you shamed.

Though you have hardened your heart,
He is not dismayed.
For as the rain clouds glide through the skies,
A glimpse of hope will quickly fill your eyes.

For your Deliverer has come.
He has set your captives free.
You were paid with a price,
So that your sin will no longer be.

Lift up your eyes as He roars through the skies,
With joy in His heart for His redeemed.
As the day He's been longing for finally arrives,
Your joy will be made complete.

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