Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Keeper of My Heart...

When grief has filled my heart,
When this journey looks dim,
When I cannot find the path,
When I cannot see ahead of me, You come.

You draw near to me.
While my face is to the floor,
You come and lift my head.
You open my eyes to see Your face.

When I behold your eyes upon me,
I am moved and can see the truth.
I look back and see the lies I once believed.
I begin to feel a sense of hope again.

You are not one who will change.
You are not one who will abandon.
You are not one who will relent.
You are not ashamed of my weakness.

You are the one who keeps His promise.
You are the faithful friend who never forsakes.
You are closer than a brother.
You are the keeper of my heart.

You will not let me go.
You will fight for me.
You will believe in me.
You will stay with me forever.

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