Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Just Me...

Here I find myself with no words to say.
For the more I see You, the more I see I do not know You.
For how vast are Your seas and how deep are Your wells.
You say, "Just be."
Yet, I strive with all my might to be what You want me to be.
You say, "Just be and that's okay with Me."
Yet, I strive with all my might to get all the answers right.
You say, "Just be and soon you will see that if you just be it's okay with Me."
Therefore, I give up.
I let go.
I give in.
In all my mess,
In all my failures,
In all my strengths.
Here I am.
Here I come.
Here I stand.
No words to say, no right answers to give.
It's just me and that's okay with You.

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