Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Need For Self-Expression...

An artist is in need of letting out what is in the heart. Though it may seem dark at times or though it be light, the artist must release what is within. A true artist knows how to release what is within them in purity, not perversion.

We can discover a rare treasure out of the brokenness of one's own heart. Though the artists' feelings may seem dark at times, there resides a glimmer of hope and beauty that cannot be discovered any other way. It is critical that the artist release what is stirring in the heart.

Whether through words, a simple melody, a drawing perhaps, or colorful painting, the artist must let it go. Maybe no one will understand, maybe some will comprehend, but either way, the artist must let out what is inside. This is what they were made for.

Though his or her expression be misunderstood, this is the life of a true artist. They leave their heart open to possible rejection and the pieces of their heart vulnerable to criticism. Yet, this is the life of one who takes risks to create something new, to create something beautiful. This is the life of a true artist.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An excerpt from: "The Girls of Laurel Lane"

Another Day

So here she sat in the quiet house, candles lit, and sounds of the birds chirping outside on an overcast day. Finally it was a moment Audra had all to herself to contemplate the last year of her twenties, or rather, the last few months of her twenties.

It was also a time to reflect on the wonderful girls she had the privilege of living with on Laurel Lane. “What is to become of us?” She wondered. This was the ever-so famous question that always seemed to be asked by the girls. All of these changes and all of the shifting seemed to be overwhelming at times. It was time for another roommate to leave the nest and move on to better grounds. Another one was getting married and rightfully so.

Bethany was an exquisite girl full of intelligence and creativity. She was very eccentric in her own way and had a beauty that seemed to grow even more in the last few moments of her “singleness.”

It was beautiful for the others to watch. And so there were three, yet again, Audra, Amira, and Juliet. It seemed that they were like a chord of three strands that could never be broken unless there was, of course, a mass exodus. Would it be possible for all three to leave at the same time? To be continued…

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Straight To You...

You took the things I tried to cling.
You held them back from me.
In my pain, I longed and ached for them to be a gain.
Yet, You never let me have them.

They only led me straight to You.
They led me straight to You.
They only led me straight to You.
They led me straight to You.

Even though I tried to run and I tried to hide,
I couldn't get away from Your Presence.
I tried so hard to ignore You.
But You spoke to me anyway.

You only led me straight to You.
You led me straight to You.
You only led me straight to You.
You led me straight to You.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Alive

I find myself in the midst of this place again.
Here I am, face to the ground, for I have fallen.
But You lift my head and whisper in my ear, "You are still alive."
These whispers move through my bones and begin to breathe new life.
My anxious thoughts begin to clear and I can finally see what is real.
You tell me, "This is the way," and You lead me by Your hand.
For a moment, I lost sight and the darkness overwhelmed me.
Yet, now I can see but a glimpse of the light on the other side.

You tell me I don't belong here and it's time to go.
After fighting against You, I finally surrender.
I finally give in.
Where I thought I belonged is only but a vapor.
This place was never meant to be my home.
Yet, I have chosen to dwell here.
But now as you call to me, I have no other option but to say "Yes."
Fearful of what is unknown, I know in the depths that Your way is best.
Though I cannot see this full picture, I am beginning to believe that You are good.

Inside this flame, which is painful at times, is the only way to be where You are.
So I will go as long as I can be with You.
When this is said and done, I will be new.
When this is said and done, You and I will be one.
I will come out not the same as I once was, but I will be more like You.
If this is true, I will go.
I cannot go back to what was yesterday.
Whatever it takes, have Your way, until what You have to do is done.
I will go with You.