Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Birthday Celebration In Jerusalem...

Words cannot begin to express how amazing it feels to be hearing Hebrew in the background of a cafe in one of the first Christian churches of Jerusalem. Across the street from me is the Tower of King David. Today is the Sabbath, and this is the ancient city. 

This is the HOLY city. This is where Jesus walked. These are the people He loved so deeply. I am truly grateful for this incredible opportunity. 

They gave us the room 31, today I turn 31, and last night during the Shabbat meal, they read from Proverbs 31. The Lord told me that it was a significant chapter for me this year before we even came on this trip. 

As they read the scriptures, my eyes began to fill up with tears being overwhelmed at God's goodness. He spoke and I heard Him. He was right. He is teaching me how to be a wife of the King of all Kings. He is my Husband. His promises stand firm forever and He is faithful. I don't know what else to say. I am here and it is a dream come true.

Israel, in a very strange way almost feels like home. I know that I will travel to many places, but I definitely feel that I will return to this place again someday. It sounds crazy saying things like that for Israel is a once in a lifetime trip. However, I feel it's just the beginning of many more visits to come. 

It isn't what I expected as it appears much differently than it once was. Yet, I feel the Lord in this place so strongly. Our times as a team have been incredible with amazing songs of praise being lifted up! From the mountain tops of the desert, to the hotel rooms of Tel Aviv, God has been praised through our songs. Others have even joined us as we have met together. 

We have encountered the Holy Spirit in this Holy Land and it has been spectacular. We have prophesied over this place that Jerusalem will once again be gathered and will once again draw near to Yeshua.

I wish there was more time to truly experience the culture and the people here. Yet, I do believe someday that will happen. This tour is only a taste of this amazing land. God is good. Praise be to Yeshua.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Keeper of My Heart...

When grief has filled my heart,
When this journey looks dim,
When I cannot find the path,
When I cannot see ahead of me, You come.

You draw near to me.
While my face is to the floor,
You come and lift my head.
You open my eyes to see Your face.

When I behold your eyes upon me,
I am moved and can see the truth.
I look back and see the lies I once believed.
I begin to feel a sense of hope again.

You are not one who will change.
You are not one who will abandon.
You are not one who will relent.
You are not ashamed of my weakness.

You are the one who keeps His promise.
You are the faithful friend who never forsakes.
You are closer than a brother.
You are the keeper of my heart.

You will not let me go.
You will fight for me.
You will believe in me.
You will stay with me forever.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here With Me Now

"Just knowing You're here with me now. It changes everything. Just knowing You're here with me now. It changes everything Lord."

"I thought that I had to make it on my own, but You stopped that and claimed me as Your own. You called me Yours."

"So don't give up on me now. I need You strong when I'm weak. Hold on and believe in me when my heart just can't figure out what it wants. Please give me a reason to trust You'll still fight for me."

"Just don't give up on me now cause I'm scared and I need You strong when I'm weak. Hold on and believe in me when my heart just can't figure out what it wants. Please give me a reason to trust You'll still fight for me." 

-Laura Hackett "Here With Me Now"

It's Just Around The River Bend...

Trials and circumstances can sometimes seem overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like you will never overcome them and then the morning comes. The sun rises again and shines it's beautiful light through your window. These hard times can seem as if you are moving down a river looking for your destination.

It seems as if your boat cannot move fast enough or you cannot seem to move your oars hard enough through the water. It seems as if you've been searching for this destination forever.

You've almost lost your strength and you feel as if you cannot lift your arms anymore. Yet, just as you thought you couldn't go one more inch, you see a glimpse of land. You see your resting place at a distance. You see your home. Suddenly, it's the breakthrough right before you.

You've been asking for it. You have pressed in for it. You have tried with all your might to believe. Now it stands right before you. It was just around the river bend. You didn't know it until you saw it but the day has finally arrived. It is here. Your victory has come.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Journey Of A Lifetime...

Romans 8: 19
"Creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed."

This is my call and this is my journey. My portion is Your inheritance and all that is Yours belongs to me. You are my Father and I will be found Your daughter forever.