Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Time To Head Out and I Need Your Prayers! January Update 2009!

Happy New Year 2009! I realize that this is a little late in the game, but I figured better late than never! I wanted to give you a quick update about what has been going on and what will be happening at the beginning of this new year of 2009!

I really enjoyed my holiday being able to spend it with family in Birmingham, Alabama for one week. It was a great time of refreshment and catching up on what is going on in their lives. I also ate way too much!

I was very sick before I left for Alabama and the doctors were testing me for Hepatitis as the doctor thought my liver was enlarged. I was very concerned about this but decided I needed to see my family anyway and it wasn't going to ruin this Christmas!

As soon as I got there, my sister gave me some advice on natural ways to be healed of things regarding the liver. Between my mother's homemade cooking and my sister's medicinal counsel, I felt much better within 3 days of my arrival into Alabama. This made my time much more enjoyable to be able to relax with my loved ones.

Fortunately, before I left Alabama, I did find out that I do not have Hepatitis and just a few days ago, I also found out that my liver is fine and absolutely normal! There are a few other concerns I have and some unknowns. However, I am trusting that the Lord is going to heal me 100 percent with whatever is wrong in my body in the name of Jesus!

After Birmingham, Alabama, it was time to head to Kansas City, Missouri for the One Thing Conference 2008 and some catching up times with cherished friends. International House of Prayer ( also known as IHOP was hosting it at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.

The director of IHOP named Mike Bickle urged many 20 somethings to come to the One Thing Conference, as this was a critical year to teach about some controversial End-times issues, and to receive a thorough teaching on the book of Revelation.

The conference was very beneficial to me as we are living in a critical hour. I was truly gripped in my heart with so many things regarding the last days we are in. I am finally beginning to understand the book of Revelation after 4 years of studying it with IHOP's teaching series.

I am now committed to devoting my life to the study of the book of Revelation for the next 20 years. I am eagerly awaiting Jesus' return and I am more awake than ever! I am ready to prepare my heart and others for His 2nd coming!

Lastly, I am now preparing for my journey to the Middle East where I will be staying for the next month. I leave on Monday, January 12th and return Friday, February 13th.

I have reached my goal of raising $2500.00 thanks to many of you! I am truly thankful for all of your prayers and financial support during these hard economic trials we are facing! You are truly faithful and absolutely amazing!

Now, I ask that you would pray for me as I take off to a new destination! I will stay with Josh and Julie Wentz, missionaries of LIGHT International. I will be helping them with any needs they have and especially with their children at home as well.

I am very excited about this opportunity and thanks be to God for using you to be able to send me! Below are some things you can pray for me about. Love you all and have an amazing 2009! May the Lord bless you tremendously this year and always! Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Requests:

  • My first leg of the trip to the Middle East on the plane by myself. That it will go smoothly and the Lord will protect me as well as guide me regarding the language barrier.
  • For strength in my body as I am still recovering from sickness these past few weeks.
  • The language: that I will be able to understand it quickly and that maybe God could even give me supernatural understanding!
  • That I would be an encouragement to Josh and Julie with all that they need.
  • That I will be able to bring the love and peace of Jesus to anyone I come into contact with who is hurting.
  • For signs and wonders! Why not? I want to see people get healed in their bodies so they can see that Jesus heals!
  • That people's hearts will be touched when I help with the music ministry. That they would feel the love of Jesus even amidst the language barriers!
  • Protection over my spirit, body, and mind the whole duration of the trip.

I am going to try to update my blog as much as I can while I am there so stay tuned! I also may be able to post videos thanks to Mary Tupling for the webcam!

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Have a good trip Kat! :)