Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Deeper Look...

I spent most of the day with Julie and the kids and it was great! Moses is learning to talk and it's fun watching him learn words and his ABC's! Lucy and I ventured outside without Julie and went to the park in the neighborhood. One would mostly think this task is an easy one unless you don't know the language here! I also have to mention, Lucy is a pretty popular child here because of her blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone loves her.

We managed to make it to the park without a problem, however, when we decided to go back home, I number 1, couldn't remember how to get back and number 2, ran into some people on the way who tried to speak to us. All I could say was, "Lucy, tell them this..." and "Lucy tell them that..." and "Lucy, what did they say?"

It was horrible. Turns out they were like 16 years old in high school trying to hit on me and get my phone number! One of them I do know said, "You are a very beautiful girl." They asked if I was staying in the neighborhood. I understood that much. It was pretty hysterical.

In the evening I went with Josh to the Church for their prayer meeting. It was so good. Josh led worship and there were only about 10 people, but it was so powerful. There was a German woman who translated for me in English. She knows about 3 or 4 languages and she was a huge help.

I was able to give this college girl who was there a prophetic word and I really felt the Holy Spirit strong in that room. I also felt a huge anointing for healing. It was sooo awesome! I love this place. When I get home, I really want to be serious about learning this language. I also want to try to connect with a Middle Eastern community in Ft. Lauderdale. I definitely want to come back here again. Blessings and stay tuned!

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