Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Need For Self-Expression...

An artist is in need of letting out what is in the heart. Though it may seem dark at times or though it be light, the artist must release what is within. A true artist knows how to release what is within them in purity, not perversion.

We can discover a rare treasure out of the brokenness of one's own heart. Though the artists' feelings may seem dark at times, there resides a glimmer of hope and beauty that cannot be discovered any other way. It is critical that the artist release what is stirring in the heart.

Whether through words, a simple melody, a drawing perhaps, or colorful painting, the artist must let it go. Maybe no one will understand, maybe some will comprehend, but either way, the artist must let out what is inside. This is what they were made for.

Though his or her expression be misunderstood, this is the life of a true artist. They leave their heart open to possible rejection and the pieces of their heart vulnerable to criticism. Yet, this is the life of one who takes risks to create something new, to create something beautiful. This is the life of a true artist.


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Wow, I just read your entry today on June 10th after I wrote my blog update yesterday on June 9th. Same cry. Interesting! Father is stirring up creative release.