Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An excerpt from: "The Girls of Laurel Lane"

Another Day

So here she sat in the quiet house, candles lit, and sounds of the birds chirping outside on an overcast day. Finally it was a moment Audra had all to herself to contemplate the last year of her twenties, or rather, the last few months of her twenties.

It was also a time to reflect on the wonderful girls she had the privilege of living with on Laurel Lane. “What is to become of us?” She wondered. This was the ever-so famous question that always seemed to be asked by the girls. All of these changes and all of the shifting seemed to be overwhelming at times. It was time for another roommate to leave the nest and move on to better grounds. Another one was getting married and rightfully so.

Bethany was an exquisite girl full of intelligence and creativity. She was very eccentric in her own way and had a beauty that seemed to grow even more in the last few moments of her “singleness.”

It was beautiful for the others to watch. And so there were three, yet again, Audra, Amira, and Juliet. It seemed that they were like a chord of three strands that could never be broken unless there was, of course, a mass exodus. Would it be possible for all three to leave at the same time? To be continued…


Connie said...

And it has begun...the saga of the girls of Laurel Lane....Can't wait for the next excerpt!!:>)

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I love all your pretend names :)