Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Little Randomness is Good for the Soul...

So I've discovered a little getaway I like to go to on Thursdays that helps keep me sane. It's so quiet and tranquil. Today, I found myself sitting in the pool by myself just staring at the lake. Only two other people were there which was nice. One man was just reading his book keeping to himself and an older Jewish lady was taking a nap. Now, the atmosphere reminded me of a Seventies South Florida style of architecture. Most of you who live here know what I am talking about. I really like this place because usually, the only people who live there are older people who are retired and enjoy resting a lot! It motivates me to do the same!

Anyway, I was just staring at the lake contemplating the next chapter of life to write about as I usually do when I'm alone. All of a sudden from one of the homes nearby came the sound of old, bluegrass, country music that sounded what I think to be Hank Williams? No, not Hank Williams, Jr.
, Hank Williams. THE Hank Williams. Yeah, it was pretty classic country music. Now, I am thinking to myself, "Whoah, I love this stuff! I haven't heard this music in awhile!" Then I continued sitting there for a few minutes checking to see if anyone was hearing what I was hearing.

No one seemed to notice, so I just sat there, and smiled! I was laughing to myself actually. I thought, "Who listens to this stuff down here?" I felt taken back to the days in Alabama where that kind of music is usually common in most backyards or on trips to the lake, however, I felt like it was really out of place! As random as it was, I wanted to ta
ke in the moment as much as I could.

Have you ever done that? Wished you had a video camera to record the odd events in life so you could forever remember them? In addition to all of the music in the atmosphere serenading us as we laid out by the pool, I felt like I was in another decade but not quite sure if it was the 50's, 60's, or 70's. Perhaps, my bathing suit didn't help much as I was wearing a bright pink suit that looked like something Audrey Hepburn would have worn. Did I mention it had polka dots? I must admit,
I did feel a little awkward.

Of course, this was not my bathing suit, but due to my forgetfulness, I had to borrow it from a friend who will remain anonymous. Not the first choice for me, but for her, yeah, of course. Anyway, I am losing my direction of thoughts! Oh, yes, so all that to say it was quite an odd day. This moment in history ended with me walking out to a little ditty from Toby Keith called "How Do You Like Me Now
." Which, by the way, was classic if you know anything about this song. If you don't, I do, and that's all that matters in this particular circumstance and regarding my life at the moment. It was just funny and almost like a movie.

In closing, my goal of having a a good dose of relaxation and tranquility for the day was accomplished. I recommend it to anyone, but don't just soak up the sun, soak in the moment.

The end.

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