Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Child Will Lead Them...

Have you ever noticed that children are usually happy just being? They just are. I love playing with kids because it reminds me that I have a capability of being carefree too. I had a good time yesterday playing with Hezekiah and Silas, children of some really good friends of mine.

We jumped, we danced, we twirled, we leaped, we crawled, and even played hide and seek. Whew! I didn't know I had that much energy in me! I felt like a kid again. Now, granted, when I woke up this morning, I sure didn't feel very young.

I felt 80 something with sore muscles, achy joints, and a wounded back! However, thinking back to those few moments I had with those little toddlers, reminded me that if I could just find my sense of childlikeness, how much more joy I would have! I could just be and be okay with that! Talking to Tanya Brasington was encouraging this afternoon as we ate lunch over an amazingly scrumptious bagel sandwich of hers.

She said, "Ya know, it's being content in every season of life that keeps you going and gives you a better perspective." She is sooo right! In the midst of every season, there is something to treasure. As a season ends, a new one is already beginning, and you never can be certain when each will end.

Shall I take the opportunity to learn as much as I can while I have the chance? There is a beauty to be found in a season of ease, or a season of hardship. What is it that God has for me to see and experience? Perhaps it's the children who can show me the way.

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