Sunday, September 14, 2008

"The Girls of Laurel Lane" An Introduction...

As I found myself washing the dishes, I heard the sounds of laughter in the other room. It was after a meal that had been provided for us for free topped off with a binge of ice cream and brownies. The sound of these beautiful, perfectly content women full of food and joy resounded in my ears. It almost felt safe. I then realized that my prayer had been answered. In a time of loneliness not so long ago, I prayed, "Oh God, how long? How long in this wilderness? When will the sounds of this house be filled with the laughter of women in unity?"

With every season, comes a new one. Seasons begin and seasons end. This story is about 4 women living together in a house full of differences, eccentricities, quirks, and unique gifts on different journeys but walking together in life. This is a story of women and the many seasons they will endure. Maybe they come from different worlds, but their worlds are about to collide as they discover that God has a plan for them to be one. It's not just about the stories, but about how God can heal others through the love of community. We were never called to walk this road alone and these women will have the rare privilege of discovering an amazing treasure.

So...yes, I am writing a story, actually a book, perhaps a novel, or maybe a short story. I don't know how long I will be able to continue writing about the many stories, adventures, and journeys of the women I have the joy of getting to know. However, I am going to take this opportunity to do the best I can to reveal to you a journey of a Christian single woman in America and the trials of life in ministry, work, family, and relationships that she endures. They will discover that they can survive!

Perhaps, you, if you are a close friend, can help me with these stories. I am a bit overwhelmed as to where I am going to start. How many chapters? What topic is each chapter? These women: Amira, Juliette (goes by Jules), Audra Elizabeth McKenzie, and ...the other name is yet to be revealed as she is still in the making. I need your help. If you are a writer, please feel free to give your thoughts for those of you who know these 4 girls of Laurel Lane. It may take a few years for it to finally be released, but look out, it is coming soon to a bookstore near you!

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